Loud Garage Door: Stealthy Solutions

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How to Silence a Noisy Garage Door

It is common for garage door springs to break, which can cause the metal tracks to rub against each other and create a loud screeching noise. This noise can be very annoying, especially if you live in an apartment complex. There are several ways that you can reduce the sound from your garage door – some more expensive than others. Calgary Garage Door Fix can help you with this problem, but here are some tips to help you too.

The first solution is to lubricate the tracks with a spray made specifically for garage doors. This should be done every few months depending on how often you use your door. It also helps if you keep the dirt off of them by wiping down each track occasionally and vacuuming underneath it as needed.

Calgary Garage Door Fix

You can permanently reduce some noise from your door by adding weather stripping around its perimeter, which will help block out sound waves traveling along the metal surface. If you have an old steel chain that has worn down or broken, consider replacing it with nylon cable or using chains designed to make less noise when they stretch tautly across the rollers near either end of your garage door opening (a good option if there are children in close proximity).

You can also replace your old metal tracks with a new, quieter set of insulated steel or aluminum.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the ultimate solution but don’t have much money to spend, replace your springs every few years when they start making too much noise and invest in garage door weather stripping made out of foam (often used as insulation).