How To Fit Your Work Into The Real Estate Agent Schedule

Effective Work Organization for Real Estate Agents

We’ve all been there – you get a call from your boss at the last minute asking you to work an event that’s on a day where you already have plans. Or, your daughter needs help with her science project and it’s due tomorrow morning. How can we fit more hours into our days? In this blog post, I will share with you some of the tips that real estate agents use to make time for their personal lives as well as how they organize their work so they don’t miss out on any opportunities. The display Bright MLS listings with Showcase IDX will improve the way you manage your work.

Tip number one: Don’t always say yes. Maybe you’re spending the day with your family or have a personal project that needs to get done. There are times when it’s worth sacrificing a potential commission just to have some time for yourself, and we all deserve that every now and then.

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Tip Number two: Say no before they ask you if you can help them out on an event at last minute notice – this way there is less chance of someone taking offense at being refused because they assumed their request would be approved without question. You’ll also avoid feeling disappointed in yourself later on when you find out it was something you really wanted to do but couldn’t fit into your schedule.

Tip three: Make sure everything else is in order because at the end of the day, it’s about prioritizing.

Tip number four: Turn your phone off at certain times so you can focus on what is happening in front of you and use this time to be present for those around you who are trying to share their thoughts with you.

Tip five: Don’t take a lot of unnecessary meetings or calls when there isn’t anything vital happening unless they’re absolutely necessary because these types of distractions will eventually lead to more stress which then leads back to feeling overworked and tired.

Tip six: Break up all work-related tasks into smaller chunks like setting aside 15 minutes every hour for checking emails instead of letting them pile up until later on when it becomes overwhelming (and potentially even missed).